Monday, 18 November 2013

On a roll now

And still not a card in sight.  I shopped in Morrisons yesterday and happened past their cleaning isle, and tucked in a corner they had some lovely big white pillar candles which were only £1.70 each (they had some even bigger ones for £2.50 as well), and I decided there and then to buy one and have a go at printing onto tissue paper, as I've now found my tissue paper!

It was soo much easier than I imagined and the paper did not get stuck in the printer once.  I printed my images onto copier paper first (standard print, nothing fancy) and then used repositionable tape to stick tissue paper over the image (all round) and then sent the paper back through the printer again printing a second time, this then printed the image onto the tissue paper which I then stuck to the candle using greaseproof paper and a heat gun.

Once I'd made the candle, I realised that one of my new Sweet Treats boards from Crafters Companion would allow me to make a milk carton which was just the right size for the candle (I did cut down the height, but this was more so that the candle was easier to get in and out).  I used paper from the Snowman & Snowdog CD for the outside of the carton & printed a different paper from the Barkley Christmas onto the inside.   Once printed, embossed and cut out, I then cut an aperture and used some snowfall acetate behind it so it looks like it's snowing in the box, then some little tiddly bits with my diesire snowflake dies and the snowdog and voila!

Anyway, hope you like - really must sort out a Birthday card for hubby now!



Saturday, 16 November 2013

Not a card in sight

Well, I was left to my own devices today as Alison has family down for the weekend, so we didn't get to craft, but now my crafting area is permanently in the dining room and not in the corridor, it's so much easier to sit for the entire afternoon & just craft, which is what I did.  First I thought I'd show you a picture of the new crafting cupboard - I'm still deciding the best places for stuff to go & have already added some inserts to the draws to hold my little embellishments.

Gorgeous isn't it?

Anyway, I had some fun making things other than cards, the first is a square cracker, which really would hold quite a decent little present (some chocolates or jewellery - you could even fit a pair of socks in there probably).  It's made from a single piece of A4 card & was a doddle with the instructions from Claire Murphy's blog.  The sentiment is one of the ones that comes with the Tonic cracker die.

And finally (yes on a roll here!) I made a gingerbread house using the Crafters Companion sweet treats board, all jazzed up with the Studio 12 Picknix 2 CD.  I've left one side of the top open so that you can fill it with sweets or cookies for Christmas & although it doesn't show up very well, the roof is all glittery!

Well, hope you like all of these & hopefully this is the start of things to come!



Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I'm in!!!

Well, my craft room (well, space under the stairs) has now been moved into the dining room with my brand new shiny craft unit, I will take pictures of it at some point to show, but it's lovely.  It was however a week of complete disruption as it took 3 evenings to put together and then several more days to fill - oh and then there were the 16 boxes and tons of polystyrene to get rid of - such fun!

Alison and I got to sit down in it on Saturday & have a bit of a play - no cards made but lots of fun had!

On Sunday I did sit down to the serious business of making a card & got out a freebie pack from one of the magazines with Mulberry Wood Christmas - may have to get that CD & stamps (must have stamps, although I have discovered that I do actually have millions of them - and quite a lot of them are Crafters Companion).  Anyway, after several hours, yes even with my crafty organisation it still takes me forever to make one card - still don't know how some people make loads in one day, this is what I came up with.  I made the beads with the triangular strips that came on the decoupage sheet with santa, the little wreath I've had in my stash for probably 10 years, forgot I had and re-discovered when I moved - so some good has come from all of this.

Anyway, here's the card

Hope you like & see you soon.

ooh, nearly forgot - I followed the sketch from Friday Sketch Challenge but used a square in place of the circle.